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Custom made wooden names, words and phrases


Wooden names, words or phrases are made to suit each customer requirements. They  come with all letters joined together so one name or word comes as one solid piece.

They can be either freestanding(standing on their own) or for mounting them on walls or doors.  They can be made as your kid's name, as groom's and/or bride's name, company / business name, as your family name or even few names joined together. These are an excellent choise for home, office, weddings or any special event decorations.


Below are just examples of our recent work to get an idea of what can be done. We will be adding new examples a few times a week so please check our pinterest boards regularly.


If you need the names that will stand on their own there may be a limited number of  fonts in running writing they can be done in. It will depend though  on whether there are any so-called hanging letters in your name or not.

The hanging letters are those that are not alligned with the bottom line of the name and are hanging below it.  The typical examples of hanging letters are  lower case "g", "p", "q", and "y" letters. However in some fonts depending on each letter shape  there may be extra set of hanging letters even among upper case ones.  If there any hanging letter in your name it must be modified to allow the name to stand up on its own horizontally.  We have one very popular font where we can modify these type of letters in a nice way without affecting the way it looks like.  As the matter of fact we sell a lot of freestanding words made in this font. See them in our  Freestanding wooden words category.

If you do not need your name to be freestanding or there are no hanging letters in your name then we can offer up to 6 different fonts in running writting fonts to choose from. Plus there may be a lot more fonts available if you do not need your name to be done in running writting. We can join letters together in almost any font or cut it out with a base at the bottom  which will make the whole name as one solid piece.  


If you are looking for a wooden name made for you please  Contact Us for a free obligation quote.  To receive a quote asap please supply the following details

  • The name(s) you need
  • Whether it needs to be freestanding or it is for mounting on a wall/door
  • Required height
  • If you need it to be in specific length please advise what length is required
  • Required thickness(available in 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm or 18mm thick MDF)
  • Your postcode for a shipping quote

 As soon as we get all details from you we will be able to provide a free obligation quote.

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