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Painting your raw MDF letters, words

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We often receive  a question from our customers about how easy to paint our products. 

If you ever paint MDF you know that the most problem is with its edges. When MDF panels are made they have a moisture resistant coating at the front and at the back. It makes it very easy to paint these two sides of a word/letter. However MDF edges do not have this coating and any water that gets on the edge will be sucked inside MDF. 

Since some paint are water based and to our opinion it is the best paint for painting MDF the paint itself will go inside MDF for the first 2-3 coats of paint until the edges are sealed with the paint.

That's why we  recommend to prime/seal your letter/word first with MDF primer/sealer/undercoat especially on edges before painting. You can get the sealer in your local paint shop. It usually sold as MDF 3 in 1(sealer/primer/undercoat).

The sealer can be solvent, water or alcohol(shellac) based. Water based one will be much easier to use and it it the cheapest. Alcohol based is very good too but it is more expensive and it dries very fast.